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Neptune and Uranus

Neptune and Uranus  2011


Uranus and Neptune: The 'ice giants'. Strap yourselves in for an incredible voyage to the most remote and intriguing planets of all. There has never been a better time to boldly go where no human has gone before to follow in the footsteps of our robot pioneers and visit the planets of the Solar System. Ever wanted to be an astronaut? Imagine heading into the Ice Zone, the frigid, dark realm beyond the orbit of Saturn. So far from the Sun, you wouldn't expect much to be happening here. From orbit, Uranus appears sedate and calm. But why is the planet on its side? And Neptune: The second blue planet, and the last world in our Solar System. But something is driving its wild winds. And what about its Great Dark Spot? this planet just changes its spots. Leopards don't, but Neptune does.