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FIFA Uncovered: Second Episode

FIFA Uncovered: Second Episode


(Click CC for subtitles) Joseph Sepp Blatter wins a dubious victory as FIFA president. As South Africa is chosen to host the 2010 Cup, rumors swirl around executive Jack Warner.
FIFA is really powerful because it's got the World Cup. And countries fall over themselves to try and host the World Cup in their country. It gives their country image building that you just can't achieve with anything else. The World Cup is the only one event in the world which is broadcasted in the majority of countries. I don't think you can imagine about something else bringing one million people in the street. And the World Cup is the number one way for FIFA to make money. So, because of the power of the biggest football event around the world every four years that gives FIFA and the FIFA president real power and so much leverage over actual countries. But that power is a trap for corruption.