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Nice Guys Finish Last

Nice Guys Finish Last


As the season goes into the summer break, the effects of Oscar Piastri's refusal of his Alpine seat are still felt - and right in the line of fire is McLaren's Daniel Ricciardo, who had been struggling throughout the season. Indeed, McLaren has announced Ricciardo's retirement from the team after the season, with Piastri taking his spot. Meanwhile, Alpine are still reeling from the losses of Piastri and Alonso, but the Piastri fiasco has backed both Alpine and McLaren into a wall, with Alpine potentially taking Piastri to court and McLaren CEO Zak Brown potentially having to pay Piastri and Alpine - and given Ricciardo's near-consistent results back at Team Enstone back in the 2019 season, it remains unknown if he would return considering his decision to move to McLaren in 2021.
The Dutch round is the first ever since the announcement, and Ricciardo and Gasly, both winners of past races, are looking to perform their best. Gasly fights with Alonso in the midfield as Ricciardo, having received fresher rubber, pushes on Vettel while Alonso manages to take Gasly up. Ricciardo continues to drop down the field as both Haas drivers pass him. Gasly finishes eleventh with Ricciardo in seventeenth. By the Japan round, Alpine announces will have a new driver in Pierre Gasly for the 2023 season.