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Night Attack

Night Attack


After two weeks of chasing Vlad Dracula across Wallachia, Mehmed the Conqueror and his exhausted Ottoman army camp on the outskirts of Târgovişte. Their attack on the capital is imminent. But the man known to the Ottomans as the ‘Impaler Lord’ has turned the surrounding countryside into a chamber of horrors. Raiding during the night, sentries disappearing from the Ottoman camp, being taken outside and being murdered by Wallachian raiders. An exhausting day of marching followed by a night full of terrors, but yet still, Mehmed begins to close on his prey.
Mehmed prepares to strike a fatal blow to Vlad's army. A spy is found in Mehmed's camp. Vlad Dracula planned to kill Mehmed II in his tent in a very famous historical event called the ‘Night Attack.’ Vlad ambushed the Ottoman camp with his army in a surprise night attack. His plan was to confuse the Ottoman army by using their uniform so that they could not distinguish between the Turks and the people of Wallachia, but a surprise awaits.